An Upscale Tattoo and Fine Art Studio

 A Home to Peace, Healing, and Transformation.

 Alchemy Tattoo and Fine Art Studio is a place where you are free to bring your most authentic self. We want to infuse peace, healing, and transformation to your presence through art and tattooing. We look forward to working with you, to create something beautiful that will last a lifetime. 


Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation. It is through this definition that Alchemy Tattoo and Fine Art has been designed. It is our belief and reverence that the process of creating and receiving art in the form of tattooing is a tool for healing and transformation where our studio is the safe space for you to receive and be present in the process of healing. We believe that process is unique for each individual, whether the healing be spiritual, emotional, and/or physical. The art of tattooing and through the process of creating, transformation can happen not only on the outside but also within!


We are so excited to work with you. Whether you have a specific idea in mind, or would like to entrust one of our artists to create a special piece just for you. You will be in great hands with Naomi,  Jessie, or one of the amazing visiting artists that often visit our studio. Each artist has their own unique styles. Learn more about them here.


Our studio is both a working tattoo and art studio. When our artists are not tattooing, you may see them in the art studio creating on canvas rather than on skin.


Alchemy is a place where local artists will often display and sell their unique pieces.


Fun fact: Our resident artists Naomi and Jessie are also award winning artists who not only tattoo but create using media such as oil, watercolor, pen, and ink. Stay posted through social media to see when they are displaying their work in galleries locally and nation wide.


Location:1005 SW 10th St. #103, Ocala, FL 34470       Contact:407-709-8891