Alyssa Perry

Alyssa is our recently graduated tattoo apprentice, now fully taking on clients! She has grown up drawing and has found a love for the fantastical aspects of creature creation. Alyssa’s art centers mostly around animals, monsters, fantasy creatures and video game characters in a cartoonesque, Pokemon-inspired style. She enjoys creating happy, cute artworks as well as taking on heavier subjects; She especially enjoys working with themes surrounding space and the stars! Alyssa has a heavy focus on creating really strong lineart, fun and bright colors, and good anatomy that she cartoonizes as she sees fit!

Her current pricing is $35 for 30 mins or less or $50/hr and asks a deposit of $20!

If you have a specific question or request for Alyssa, you may contact her through her instagram account @ghostiebun or email her at!

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