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Booth Rental

Are you an artist, a tattoo artist, or a healer?

Interested in visiting Ocala? Possibly working while in town?

We have a beautiful booth for rent at daily or weekly rate.

Email for details.

This space would be perfect for tattoo artists, mixed media artists, photographers, energy workers, tarot or astrology readers, and so many other creative individuals looking for a space to work out of.

At Alchemy, we cultivate a space where we inspire and motivate each other. We believe in creating and holding space that is mindful, intentional, and respectful. We are excited to welcome those who bring their unique authenticity while also sharing our values and standards. 
The space is a booth in the middle of three that is beautifully decorated. A privacy screen is available, as well as a multitude of supplies that can be arranged for your needs and use. This booth is available 7 days a week and would love to host someone who will enjoy the space as much as we do. 

Still intrigued? Reach out at 

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