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Chris Lontkowski


Growing up, Chris was exposed to a vast world filled with music and fine art. She was continually exposed to beautiful people that exuded creative freedom that seemed so enticing.  Being a part of a world where you are empowered to be whatever you want, adorn your body however you want, and have the opportunity to make a living creating was intriguing. With 14 years in the industry, tattooing has given Chris the opportunity to live out that same enticing freedom she witnessed as a child.


Over the years, Chris has experienced how art can truly heal. While only in her 30’s she developed an aggressive and rare form of breast cancer. Her healing was nothing short of miraculous; A combination of dedicated health professionals, divine intervention and an inner knowing that art heals; worked together in the most beautiful way. Through this healing Chris became newly inspired to dive into tattooing with a more passion, with a personal approach, to share with others the power art has in healing, and to continually grow as an artist.


Chris really enjoys the process of collaborating with her clients, one on one, whether it’s creating a custom piece or having the opportunity to recreate old traditional flash. She is an especially versatile artist appreciating black and gray, color, custom lettering, and Japanese style art. Her work tends to lean toward traditional tattooing and her personal art influenced by the esoteric, and enjoys combining styles. Chris also hopes to help other cancer survivors in the future by offering areola tattooing and mastectomy scar cover.

Chris's Prices: $150/hourly.$100 minumum for tattoos under an hour.


Deposit: Nonrefundable $100


*prices may vary for a specific special or sale. To schedule please contact Chris directly.


Text: (352)-425-7949

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