What is the best way to schedule a consult & tattoo?


It is recommended that you send an email through the website. This is the fastest way of communicating with the artists at Alchemy Tattoo and Fine Art. You can also book a one on one consultation through book now on our consultation page.


What to expect during a consultation?


It is recommended that you schedule a free consultation that will last approximately 30 minutes. During this time, you will meet your artist, discuss the concept for your tattoo, look over visual reference that you provide, and discuss location for the tattoo. It is recommended that you bring visual references such as artwork, photographs, or anything that can better describe what you are desiring. 


During the consultation you will schedule your tattoo and pay a $100 nonrefundable deposit that will go towards the final cost of your tattoo. If you are booking multiple sessions the deposit will come out of the final hour of the tattoo session.


How quickly can I get scheduled?


Currently artists book approximately 8 weeks in advance. Due to scheduling changes or cancellations there is a possibility to get on the books sooner.

How much do you charge?


Our rate is $145/ hour. Time is based on actual tattoo time; there is no charge for breaks, set up, or drawing time. Tattoo studio minimum is $125. Non Refundable deposit is $100. 


How much will my tattoo cost?


Our rate is $145/hour. How long a tattoo will take depends on size, placement, detail, how well you sit, your skin, etc. It is recommended to set up a consultation where we can discuss your overall desire to get a better idea of cost and answer any other questions you may have.


Is there an additional design/drawing fee for a custom tattoo?


There is no drawing or designing fee for custom tattoos. Before we begin drawing your design, we will need to collect a non-refundable deposit that will eventually be deducted from the total price of your tattoo once it is completed. If you require multiple changes on your design once we complete the drawing, there may be an additional fee for changes.


Can I see my drawing before my appointment date?


Due to a full workload and making sure that each client receives the best quality work and attention from their artist, drawings will not be shown before the day of the appointment. There is always extra time scheduled on the day of the appointment if any minor changes need to be made. It is important to us that you love your design.


How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?


You must be 18 years of age with a valid ID to be tattooed.


Can I bring my children/babies to the studio?


Please DO NOT bring your children to the studio. Besides distracting the artists from concentrating and doing their best work and making it hard for clients to focus on relaxing and sitting well during their tattoo session, a tattoo studio is unsafe for children because of biohazardous waste and potential cross contamination. Please make arrangements for childcare during your tattoo sessions. Bringing them may result in your appointment being rescheduled and forfeiture of your deposit.

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