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Intuitive Realism Sessions

Intuitive Realism is Naomi Shanti's signature tattoo style. It can be described as delicate black and grey work with soft shading and realistic texture. It has movement and emotion that makes it stand out in an authentic way. 

Naomi currently gives priority to this style which you can see showcased below. It applies best to animals, birds, portraits, and nature. Tattoos of this style will be intuitively created and designed precisely for your specific piece.

Naomi takes her intuitive realism a step beyond through her Symbolic Bird Project, where you can speak with her during your consultation about what you would like your tattoo to represent and she chooses the bird, plants, and design that calls to her as the perfect fit for you. These sessions are healing and will hold deep lifelong meaning.

Symbolic Bird Portfolio



Flicker birds are in the wood pecker family and have a lot of meaning. They share different aspects of who they are to different people. For me, when I see the flicker I see a bird not afraid to march to its own beat, finding its own sacred cadence, emerging as its one true authentic self. Flickers seldom nest in the tree homes they bore. They like the sound of their own music and find unconventional places for nesting (such as abandoned roosts). I feel deeply connected to this bird as I’m often trying to stay connected to my own true self. 


The goldfinch reminds us that life is here to live and enjoy. It reminds the client of home and specific past homes. Although life will always change and we must move with it, we can savor each moment and look back lovingly. In fact, the goldfinch may inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and find variety to add more vibrancy to your life. With it's bright color, this bird asks you to look on bright side. 


The eastern bluebird is the essence of life and beauty. When one crosses your path it is thought to symbolize hope, love, and renewal. This bird with it's beautiful color and song reminds us to see the joy all around and to especially be sure to appreciate the small things in life. As we choose to embrace joy, we spread that energy to the world, to all we do, and whoever we encounter, making life even more joyful.
IMG_8CDB9CB83989-1 (1)_edited.jpg


Robins often show up in your life as a sign of growth and opportunity. They bring joy, even in the toughest times. These birds seek insects through the dirt as their food source and that is especially plentiful after a storm and hard rain. Use this energy to encourage you to be in pursuit of what nourishes your soul, even if it seems hard to find. Robins are a sign that positive things are to come. Stay hopeful throughout your journey. Their red belly signifies the fire within that will keep you going. Their song will bring cheer to you along the way. 


The phoenix represents renewal and rebirth. This mythical bird is said to create fire and as it itself caught in flames and burned one day, it then rose days later from the ashes whole and immortal. This tells the story of finding strength through hardship. Sometimes we must let go of something or some part of ourselves for new things to arrive. This allows for an experience of transformation that can bring about enlightenment. The energy of the phoenix reminds us that light can shine through darkness and encourages us to follow our inner light.
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