Naomi Shanti

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Naomi (owner of Alchemy Tattoo and Fine Art) began a love affair for tattoos way before she was 18. Spending much of her formative years in and around the tattoo industry watching and learning from her late brother (Henry Bertka) who owned Hardcore Tattoo in Cedar Rapids, IA. In 2008 Naomi’s brother passed away suddenly from a tragic car accident. 


As a young mother, wife, and working as a hairstylist: It was during this time where tragedy took over, and depression seeped in. The only thing Naomi knew to do was to create something, all she wanted was to hopefully feel close to her brother again. Not having been an artist before this point in her life, Naomi began to draw and paint every single day. She discovered that art gave her solace, a safe space to grieve, and an avenue to transform into a stronger woman because of it. 


Naomi Shanti is a trained fine artist and earned a studio art degree from the University of Minnesota. She is a painter, tattooer, and has been an art educator for over 13 years.


Naomi specializes in black and grey, and loves tattooing portraits, animals, and creating pieces with the purpose of healing and transforming.




 Li-ft (saline) tattoo removal

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