So Why Alchemy?

I am often asked, Why did you choose the name Alchemy?

This could seemingly be a long or short answer, I thought I was going to name the studio something totally different, until the universe just whispered this word in my ear.

Alchemy is this magical process of transformation and creation, I wanted a studio that embodied this concept. Where the process of creating and experiencing art is a tool for healing and transformation that is truly unique to each individual.

It is our mission at Alchemy to uphold a safe space for you to receive art and healing as well as experience transformation whether it be spiritual, emotional, and/or physical. Not only on the outside but also within.

(Tattooing my oldest son Cody)

From the beginning:

In 2008, my brother Henry passed away suddenly from a tragic car accident that really shook up my existence. I was a young mother and wife, working as a hairstylist at the time, and I desperately needed to find a way to heal and move forward.

(Henry and his daughter Tegan from the last visit I had with them before his passing)

The tragedy felt as if it could take over, allowing depression to seep in. The only thing I knew to do was to create something. I really just wanted to feel close to my brother again. I was not an artist before this point in my life, but always in awe of watching Henry create. I was pulled towards art and began to draw and paint every single day. I discovered that art gave me solace, a safe space to grieve, and an avenue to transform into a stronger woman because of it. Art and this creative process paved a path to healing and transformation.

From there, I became a trained fine artist, earning a studio art degree from the University of Minnesota. Over thirteen years later, I am an active painter, tattooer, and art educator, Owner of Alchemy Tattoo and Fine Art with the passion to bring what I have learned and cultivated through this journey to every aspect of my work. Whether that is tattooing, painting, teaching, or creative coaching (coming soon).

I have been fully supported in many ways by many people in my life. However, I have to thank the men in my life that have loved me unconditionally through this healing process, allowing me to be fully authentic and real. They will always be a continued inspiration and daily drive to be the best me I can be.

Preston my baby (left), Cody my oldest (middle), Jason the hubs(right)

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