Meditations, Intentions, Art and TATTOOS!

June 25th 10am- approximately 1pm.



Join us in celebrating Summer Solstice here at Alchemy Tattoo with a very special custom TATTOO, meditation and intention setting gathering. 


We will have only 9 tickets available for purchase! 


The tickets for the event include:


-A guided meditation and intention setting

-Intuitive Painting activity (All supplies included)

-Singing Bowls from a very special guest

-Summer Treats and Refreshments

-A special gift from the Artists at Alchemy

- A Summer Solstice TATTOO that symbolizes and honors this special time of year

-Tattoos will be a summer solstice custom flash created by Naomi, and tattooed by Naomi, Jessie, and Chris. 

-You will have the opportunity to choose from one of the small tattoo designs 

Designs will be sent to you once your ticket is purchased!

The tattoos will be placed on either arms or legs, no changes may be made to the design or size.

-The tattoo artist working on you will be intuitively chosen for you. 

-Tickets are non refundable.


$185 For Each Ticket 


Summer Solstice Ticket