What to Expect

Initially, your brows will appear more bold than general.

This is because we have enhanced the brows, depositing pigment in the skin which often will make them appear fuller. Over the next few days after the procedure, your brows may also darken during the healing process. This is NORMAL and not the way they will remain. 

Around 7-14 days, you may notice some flaking/shedding.

Within 7 to 14 days, you may have flaking/shedding of the skin around the brow area. Think of this as very small "scabs" falling off the skin now that the skin underneath has healed. 

After flaking, many times the microblading strokes appear very light or seem to have disappeared. THIS IS NORMAL.

This is because there is still a thick layer of protective skin creating a veil over the pigment. Once you go through the skin cycle (4 to 6 weeks) the pigment will typically reappear, typically 30% to 70% lighter than it was immediately after the procedure.